“Königsweg”, Blackspace’ first documentary about the pop-up museum Königsklasse, 2019

How can we liberate art from its conventional context, open up new perspectives and bring art back to people?

Blackspace’s first documentary 

In 2019, six years after its debut, “Königsklasse IV”, the pop-up museum of the Pinakothek der Moderne, takes place again on the island of Herrenchiemsee. But this time, it also tells its very own story.

Our documentary “Königsweg” draws attention to the making-of: It raises the question of how we encounter art, what it can move in us – and what happens if we meet art where we wouldn’t expect it. And it gives a glimpse behind the scenes and tells the story of the people who turned the idea of the Königsklasse into an actual experience and exhibition format: artists like Wolfgang Laib, pioneers like Heiner Friedrich and women of conviction like curator Corinna Thierolf.

With our aim of creating new spaces and narrative forms for art, we developed a unique cinematic narrative style for Königsklasse – including a visual language of how designers see the world. The film can be exclusively viewed in the “Unfinished Chambers” of Schloss Herrenchiemsee and is part of the exhibition. 

Maintaining and developing identity

In addition, as every year from the beginning of the Königsklasse, we created the exhibition catalogue and the visual identity: for this years’ key visual we interpreted Wolfgang Laib’s “Without Beginning and without End”.