unfinished conversations #2, 2021

Design is an attitude – created by conversation, confrontation, trust and courage. The finished work is only visible at the end. What can no longer be seen are the people that created the final piece and worked tirelessly for months, while being completely invested in something that did not yet exist in its final form.

These are the people that design. They make things happen. Therefore we are continuing our discussion series, in which puts the invisible, the person behind the work, into the spotlight.
We don‘t want to tell success stories or what we might want to hear most. We do not want to deliver consolidated arguments or conclusive explanations. What we want to do is describe what life is like. What relationships are like. Alive. Illogical. Erratic.

This book is a continuation – once again unfinished. That‘s what it’s like when you start an experiment that has an uncertain outcome.