“Two lines”, Seoul, 2019

Genesis is the first luxury car brand to launch in Korea in twenty years. For the first Genesis exhibition booth at the Seoul Motor Show, we wanted to build a monolithic space by using material sparingly. We stacked copper sheets and cut an inner cube out of the stack, creating space out of the emptiness between the material. The effect was astonishing. From a distance, the space seemed to be a closed surface; upclose it became open and transparent.

Think deeply, travel lightly

This day and age, we think of an intelligently designed system and economical use of the materials and the budget as natural parameters for a temporary architecture project. The principle of the exhibition booth was simple: three reusable cubes, arranged differently, yet always resulting in a consistent big picture. Light copper sheets ensured it was light to travel with. Folded together the entire exhibition fit into a box measuring one cubic meter.