“Two views on a creative mind”, an installation by Michael Keller, ’Schaustelle‘ of the Pinakothek der Moderne, 2013

I was a left-hander when I was a kid. My mother, not knowing better at that time, trained me to break the habit and to make a right-hander out of me. Until today I believe that’s the reasons why I permanentely look at things from a multi-perspective.

When we are little, we are ‘whole’. We have this natural ability to think, sense and perceive intuitively, using both sides, the right and left part of our brains, connecting words with images, numbers with colours, places with memories. But as soon as we enter school this oneness is being split up. Because not only education, but our whole society, politics, science, business are very much driven by a rational and analytical paradigm the left part of our brain is dedicated to. When we are grown up, a lot of us have forgotten how we viewed the world when we were young.

In his installation “Two views on a creative mind” in the ‘Schaustelle’ of the Pinakothek der Moderne Michael Keller shared his experiences with everyone, enabling visitors to change the way they see the world. They could choose through which door they would be entering the installation – the left or the right door? Wearing black glasses they were able to see two totally different views depending on their choice.

Yet the eye-opener was not what lied behind the doors. It was the decision you took facing the two doors. As often with Keller and his work, you could transfer this highly symbolic act onto any of your very personal crossroad decisions in your life. Just open your eyes, to change the way you see the world.


DDC 2015: award